Thursday, August 9, 2007

Kerja dan Kerja dan Kerja...

My SeeFoo said :"u have to start plan for your business trip to Perak, Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan, Pahang & Terengganu...please gather all the info of these states and next month I want ur team to be proactive to meet relevants people related to our company business and please start to write a proposal how to approach them..ok.."

Me said : "who is in my team"

My SeeFoo said : "At this moment I want you to start alone 1st and soonest by end of this month u will have ur partner"

Me said : " ohh ok....(deep down in my heart said..ya u r the boss..aku kuliketif idop segan mati tak mau what to do follow sajalahh ur instruction...) but who will take care of our dept when both of us not around"

My SeeFoo said : " I will try to engage another 2 guys in our dept dun worry"

Me said: dalam hati (yalahh tu...kang aku atas jalan raya, tengah tido korg talipon tanya mana fail, contact no, etc") orait! (menjunjung titah perintah!)...(braper lama darrr cari new guys tak jumpa2..)


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